Friday, January 06, 2006

A paradise called Anaikatti!

Enterprising Journos...all ready to go!
with Dr. Solonski....Hehe...our Solanki sir
[photo by Security Guard at the NGO where we were staying]
I would like to take this opportunity to thank and salute Solanki Sir. He is one of our broadcast sirs. An expert cameraperson with an even more expert understanding of lighting. He is so possessive of all the equipment that it can get annoying sometimes...but most of the times, it's just funny.
All jokes apart, the man saved me from so much pain. The first day we got there, we had a tough trek of 16 kms to a tribal village. Of course, when this was being told, Yours Truly was lost in her own world (as usual). So, I arived at the base of the mountain with nice sandals with heels...so silly of me! Within 10 minutes of climbing, the sandals were out of service with a broken strap hanging loose. Solanki Sir insisted on me wearing his floaters. I refused but he just wouldn't listen to my pleading. Mr.Solanki of the Asian College of Journalism did the whole trek barefeet!!! And mind you...it was no easy task...as the stones and thorns hurt our 'precious city feet' even through our footwear.
Hats off to this man!!! Which professor would have done something like this for his/her student? We meet very few such people in our life and Solanki Sir is one of those people I'll always be grateful to.

Cattle hitch-hiking in a lorry [ photo taken by my dear friend (and adopted son..hehe) Ashish Dikshit]

Clear waters of the River Bhavani [photo by Ashish Dikshit]

Window to the world

Simply beautiful! A village in Anaikatti


Anonymous anthony said...

nice pictures..nice blog..
Droped in via yogesh's

12:07 AM  
Blogger Jemima said...

thanks anthony! keep visiting! i visited urs thru yogesh's post

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Michael Rohekar said...

You have kept up with the tradition of sandal breaking .. be it laxmi road or a steep hill ... its not the sandals but some SHAAP yo have got on wearing sandals ...

Worship you dad for 6 months regularly offering him laddoo's and mithai and your sandal shaap will be cleared :) ...

3:00 PM  
Blogger keerthana ravi said...

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