Friday, October 28, 2005

rain rain go away...

Chennai was flooded! And yours truly was out with the rest of her group moving around the city trying to cover the situation. It rained continuously since the night of 26th of October. The streets were flooded, there was no electricity, the transport system was disrupted and thousands of people from low-lying areas in the city have been evacuated. The water level in the rivers, especially the Adyar river, was rising steadily. The worst part was seeing slums on the river banks getting submerged. The wind was blowing at a crazy speed. Rains have let up for the moment but the Met Office says the wet spell will continue. People from South India i.e. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and then Orissa[ in the east], please check weather updates for any cyclone warnings.

Nature has her own strange ways...rivers that usually run dry were overflowing this time. [Look up Mettur Dam for more Info]. Rain gods have been the villain this year with multiple hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Stan, Wilma. In India, Gujarat and then Mumbai were overwhelmed by Nature's fury. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the latest targets. I have a feeling all of this has something to do with the way we (mis)treat the environment. Even if pollution and global warming are not responsible, we better wake up right now to protect our surroundings before the ecological balance tips too dangerously.

A less serious word of advice: Please don't believe anyone who says that it is always hot in Chennai. They may be right to a great extent but, when it rains...it is extremely chilly. So, if you are visitng Chennai during the monsoons, please carry moderate warm clothes and don't make the same mistake I made of leaving my woollens back in Pune. I almost froze yesterday.

Here's praying that Nature is merciful to those affected by the floods...


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